Org-mode commands

set scheduled timestamp:C-c C-s
set deadline timestamp:C-c C-d
schedule for 7 days+7
realign tags on page:C-u C-c C-q
View todo items in a sparse tree also shows Headings one level upC-c C-v or C-c t
Open up all todo items in agenda modeC-c a t
Rotate TODO state of current itemC-c C-t
Insert a new TODO item below current oneC-c C-t
Archive current taskC-c C-x C-s
Table-ize regionC-c <bar>

Orgmode Export and Publishing Commands

General Export Cmd (brings up menu)C-c C-e
Publish Current ProjectC-c C-e P
Publish Current FileC-c C-e F
Insert Export Options HeaderC-c C-e t
Export File as HTML open in BrowserC-c C-e b
Export as LaTex and create PDFC-C C-e p

Orgmode Agenda Commands

Start Org Agenda ModeC-c a
Bring up weekly agendaC-c aa
Bring up todosC-c at
Add Current File to AgendaC-c [
Remove Current File from AgendaC-c ]
Once in Agenda
cycle through todo keywords for agenda itemt
quit agenda bufferq
reload agenda bufferg

custom TODO sequences

(setq org-todo-keywords '((sequence "TODO" "NEXT" "WAITING" "SOMEDAY" "DONE"))
  • set TODO keyword sequence for a specific file

breaking down tasks

  • put [/] or [%] in a parent header and the boxes will get updated when children state changes
  • add [ ] check boxes to TODO items, toggle checkbox with 'C-c C-c'

log when task finished

  • (setq org-log-done 'time)
  • can also use '#+STARTUP: logdone' at the beginning of org file


  • set a tag 'C-c C-q' or 'C-c C-c' too I guess :tag:
  • set alist of frequently used tags :tag:
    • .emacs: (setq org-tag-alist '(("underhill" . ?u) ("denvertech" . ?d) ("household" . ?h)))
    • in file: #+TAGS: underhill(u) denvertech(d) household(h)


  • when prompted for a datetimestamp (ie C-c C-s) you can alter with following
    • +4d or +4: change to 4 days from now
    • +2w: 2 weeks from now
    • +2tue: 2nd Tuesday from now
  • if default day (today was 7-4-2010):
    • 14: would set date to 7-14-2010
    • 3: would set date to 8-3-2010
    • Fri: nearest Friday
    • 12:45 : would set 2010-07-04 12:45 or if its after 12:45 2010-07-0512:45
  • to set a range
    • 2010-07-10 2010-07-14
  • future
    • 2012 w4 fri: Friday of ISO week 4 in 2012
  • clock-in to a task 'C-c C-x C-i'
  • clock-out: 'C-c C-x C-o' also clocks out if task is shifted to Done with C-c C-t.
  • cancel current clock: C-c C-x C-x

Remember commands


(setq org-remember-templates '(("Todo" ?t "* TODO %?\n SCHEDULED: %t" "~/notes/TODO.org" "My Todos")))

  • when you call rememeber by using "C-cr", it prompts you for what template to use.
  • "t", will start the rememeber buffer with the todo template
    • It will open a todo item, you just need to type the todo description
    • it is automatically scheduled for the current date
    • when you type "\C-c\C-c" it closes the buffer saving the todo item in the file specified
    • it also saves it under the specified header "My Todos"