Engineering for the other 80%, too

  • graph of usage, levelled off right as drupal 7 was released
  • Drupal 7 is HARD
    • modules not ready
    • why?

Raising Barrier to Entry

  • needs to know so much more in D7, than in d6, d5
  • steeper learning curve

CHX Counterpoint

Engineering for too 80% of …?

  1. all visitors of drupal sites
  2. all drupal sites
  3. all drupal users (builders, coders, ..)
  4. all drupal developers (coders, themers)
  5. all drupal designers

Everyone Wants Features

  1. an ad between 3rd and 4th comment
  2. access control for single node

D7 Has Solutions ( but lots of indirection)

  1. hook_page_alter
    • can put content anywhere on page

D7 Has Problems

  1. RDFa has performance issues
  2. hook_page_alter coding by committee
  3. entity api half-baked
  4. DBTNG: created a new db query abstraction layer
    • unfamiliar to developers of other sql queries

Everyone Wants Features

  1. requires indirection
  2. indirection brings complexity

Possible Solution:

  1. simple API for simple use cases
  2. also complex API for more complex feauture requests

Big Issue: Removed Logic from templates

  • in favor of Render
    • print render($page['header']);


  1. api documentation
  2. docs about what you should do, why you should do it
  3. drupal books
    1. publishers publish books before d7 was stable
  4. ship Drupal with Tutorial in box